There’s a short list of executive facilitators who can custom-design a productive meeting for the C-level; lead the meeting effectively; and if necessary, redesign while the meeting is running. Milo Paich is one of them.

For example, at the board retreat of a hospital foundation, there was a distinguished guest: an esteemed MD/CEO who had joined the meeting by phone from home.

The ballroom speakers began to boom with the observations of this guest participant – and his loudly barking dog.

As the executive facilitator, Milo immediately pivoted this development to make a point about the role of the board.

He observed that the assembled board members were receiving some useful real-time advice from the dog: “Bark when you feel like it.”

From corporate boardrooms to convention ballrooms, Milo’s facilitation experience includes:

Serving since 2004 as on-call executive facilitator for the Collaborative Labs, a Florida-based innovation center owned by St. Petersburg College.

Facilitating a series of meetings for the global finance team of a $10 billion+ tech company.

Facilitating leadership meetings for the top line managers of La-Z-Boy and its subsidiaries and for the top divisional managers of Comcast Spotlight.

Moderating a Tampa Bay Business Journal panel discussion at the American Stage Theatre where business leaders discussed strategies for workforce engagement.

Designing and facilitating a teamwork retreat for county commissioners.

Leading two meetings for the faculty of the Stetson College of Law and another for the American Caribbean Law Initiative.