The quality of a merger or acquisition transition can make or break employee engagement, customer retention, brand equity and the viability of acquisitions to come.

With constant pressure to manage both the compass and the speedometer, it isn’t enough to plan a transition for the merging employee base. The integration team needs support, too.

Milo Paich offers useful experience gained in different roles as consultant and executive.

In a consultant role:

Designing and facilitating cultural alignment sessions for the integration team of two merging food-service companies.

Stimulating dialogue about strategic direction among top-team members of a textile business and of the venture capital firm that had just acquired a majority stake.

Designing a visual-centered group activity that prepared managers of two biomedical companies to understand the strategic opportunities of their newly merged business.

In an executive role:

During a merger of two former long-term competitors, serving on integration teams for products, customer communications and rebranding.

At a newly acquired business unit, pilot-testing product integration across subsidiaries as a prelude to an eventually successful three-company merger.