Learning opportunities are valuable. Attention is fleeting. Participants’ work time is expensive.

This reality can make it worthwhile to invest in custom learning and to engage resources who will build it. But first, ask some pointed questions.

Ask: “How will you challenge us to clarify the situation?”

Milo Paich was once brought in to design a simulation of process improvement that as it turned out, wasn’t really needed.

He surfaced the real need, which was then met successfully with a different simulation: Preparing executives to make better decisions about which processes to improve first.

Ask: “Will you do or delegate our custom project?”

Late in another simulation design, a new CFO entered the review process and said, “This isn’t the pricing message I want delivered to the field.”

Milo flew in, spent 15 minutes calibrating the issue with the CFO, then revised the simulation hands-on over a weekend.

Ask: “It’s a significant investment. What will we own?”

The best answer is a simple one: Your company will own the customized end-product that it has paid for, including rights to reproduce the material.

Milo Paich and team are ready to address the above questions based on dozens of highly successful custom projects, many completed as a contract partner to major training providers.

Milo’s custom designs include:

Two simulations of operational improvement – one manufacturing, one mining – both proprietary to a top international performance improvement consultancy.

Redesign of a large American bank’s Quality Fundamentals simulation, reducing its running time to 4 hours to enable an efficient enterprise-wide delivery at two sessions per day.

A fast-paced digital game for worldwide leadership development at a global beverage company.