Two extreme forms of the strategic plan are “It’s scribbled on today’s whiteboard” and “It’s resting comfortably in a ring binder.”

Is your organization anywhere in between? Then please keep on reading.

A single full-day or 2-day InitiaLab® meeting can provide an accelerated start to your strategic planning. Multiple InitiaLab meetings can bring continuity or additional inclusion to the process.

If less time is available, useful outcomes can be achieved in as little as half a day.

Optionally, the strategic landscape can be visualized in advance using a BigViu™ process, yielding a customized participation graphic that helps to propel the planning meeting.

Whether the planning focus is on the enterprise, the product or the customer, your team will work from a foundation of shared clarity to develop a plan that is doable and worth doing.

As an executive facilitator, Milo Paich has made a difference by helping teams to gain clarity on strategic priorities over planning horizons as near as 90 days and as far as 50 years.

For example:

Working with a tech company’s supply chain team to plan a dual strategy of inventory management and relationship management to meet the requirements of a huge customer.

Leading a meeting in which a marketing team both mapped out a launch plan for a new fire-resistant product and gathered expert technical insights from fire-safety professionals.

Facilitated a fast-paced engagement with a CEO and executive team to refresh and update an existing strategic plan in half a day.

Serving as lead facilitator of Reality Check, a 2007 event that assembled 300+ civic leaders from 9 Florida counties to plan for population growth through 2057.