It happens too often.

In the race to market the latest version of a tech product, the design team invests high-value effort in lower-value features.

Or inside the organization, a new technology solution is poured out like cold water onto employees who aren’t fully prepared.

At the right time, a specially designed meeting or visual-centered group activity can:

Distill the essence of a technology’s return (the business case), requirements (use cases) and rationale (the case for change).

Gather vital insights on design priorities from a combination of users and experts.

Percolate the understanding, benefits and how-to’s of your solution through the organization in a readily understandable way.

Milo Paich’s facilitation has made a difference in a variety of technology-related meetings:

Boot camp on enterprise software development methodology.

Project kickoff for a CJIS (criminal justice information system).

Process for responding to RFPs (requests for proposal).

Technology vision workshop for a county government.

Design priorities for a new NIC (network interface card).

Milo approaches these engagements as neither a specialist nor a passionista. He’s an enthused realist, leading the search for technology outcomes that are satisficed to high standards.