The situation was confidential then and the details remain so today.

Essentially it was this: A company discovered that a competitor was about to launch a potential substitute for its #1 product.

Marketing management recognized the imperative to act immediately and mobilize a cross-functional commitment to action.

Milo Paich and the GlobeThink team were called in to deliver an InitiaLab®.

During an InitiaLab, participants work on a series of pre-designed team activities. Each activity has a deliverable under time pressure. The pace is fast and the productivity high.

The group quickly develops a multifocal point of view on a challenging situation – then converts their shared understanding into an immediately actionable plan.

For this meeting, a BigViu™ of the strategic situation was created in advance. This took the form of a customized wall visual with some areas illustrated, others open for completion.

Milo led the teamwork and synthesized discussions among representatives of marketing, sales, R&D and legal. An outside expert provided technical input and validated the teams’ ideas.

The outcome was a tight, organized action plan backed by a detailed 70-page InitiaLab Report.

It doesn’t require a red alert to make an InitiaLab worthwhile.

When a global retailer prepared to invest in a new leadership development program, an InitiaLab helped the team make short work of defining and organizing the design objectives.