Organizations aren’t orchestras and there’s no baton to wave.

An organization doesn’t align the people who work there. They choose to align (or not).

Yet the success of a strategy, operating plan, rebranding, product launch or process redesign can depend on enough people making a positive choice. Specialized tools can help.

For example, visual-centered group activities invite discussion and commitment by small teams of employees while presenting a consistent, scalable message organization-wide:

The centerpiece of such an activity can emerge from a BigViu™ process in the form of:

Large wall visual. This partially illustrated visual is designed for completion in real time by participants in an InitiaLab® or other group meeting.

Table-team visual. This fully illustrated visual is designed for instant engagement and purposeful exploration of embedded detail, guided by content-rich cards or other tools.

Book of easels. This is a series of placemat-sized visuals in a flip-book, designed to guide participants through a sequential business story or a series of challenges.

Major providers of experiential learning as well as corporate clients rely on our team’s combination of in-depth business consulting and top-tier illustration capability.

We have extensive experience in designing and developing activities that can:

Distill the initiatives of an operating plan into crisp, easy-to-assimilate key steps.

Simulate the successful outcomes of a well-executed plan or business process.

Illustrate a visionary goal or significant brand promise in an engaging way.